Monday, November 24, 2008

Un-amused...Turkey anyone?

Jennography 365-33

This is my "un-amused" look. Trying to learn Gimp 2, and so this is a product of me goofing around with layers, and smudge tool...and stuff I rly don't know all that much about...yet...

Anywho...I'll get there eventually!

On a fun note. We are headed home for Thanksgiving! So all you friends and family...get ready cuz here we come!!! ;)

The kids are totally excited about this. David and I, with our darling children, will be leaving on Wed to head home. Then David will come back Sunday while the children and I stay an additional week. This will give us extra visiting time. YAY!

I get to celebrate my 41st birthday with f & f. I just realized how old I am, lol, j/k. Seriously though, I can't believe I'm over 40! Dude, that is just wrong because I'm totally feelin' like 20 something! haha.

So what are your plans for Thanksgiving Day? We are having a big ol' family get together in the early afternoon about 1:30ish....traditional turkey and dressing and all the side dishes to boot. =)

Pumkin pie is my FAVORITE (hint hint CindyLu!!! You do make the best p.p. ever!!! ;)

Our family loves to reflect on so many things we can be thankful for. It is one more reminder of God's goodness bestowed upon us.

Here's a little early in the week throwback. Cindy if you are reading my blog, this one's for you and Ken! (catch the bunny ears behind Cindy...which is my hubby's fingers haha)

Our wild and crazy friends from back home!
Ken and Cindy T-day 07

Our table setting from last yr...
Thanksgiving spread 07

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