Monday, November 3, 2008

New Phone...well kinda...

It was time for me to upgrade my phone with Verizon. I really wanted something that would organize my life, but most of the phones like Blackberries, were quite out of my price range.

My darling husband has gotten to know the manager at our local store, and just by chance the manager was getting ready to upgrade his Blackberry phone. He actually offered it when my husband called to see what they could do to match the online "free phone" offers.

So this manager offered to us his used Blackberry as my free phone. It is the older version Blackberry, without the "pearl" scroll feature on the front, but I really like the scroll on the side. I could see me bumping the front scroll pearl thingy all the time. =)

Also, it has a few scratches on it, but I do not mind...I mean, it wouldn't be long anyway before I would have scratched it myself...hehe! I'm terrible about dropping my cell phone!

My Blackberry

I really like how it keeps up with all of my email accounts, appointments, and how all accounts filter through this one device. I find myself using it almost more than my laptop. Well...almost... ;)

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