Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Jordan and I feel Blah today...Josh has congestion and headache.

I made Jordan a Dr. appointment because her throat was in so much pain. After doing Tylenol cold multi-symptom, Advil, you name it the past couple of days...she is still miserable. We made the trip to the pediatrician, and Jordan tested positive for strep throat. =P

Josh was tested, and his strep test came out negative. Yeah! That boy stays so healthy!!!

I'm feeling run down and sore/swollen glands on either side of my throat, but I've got to wait on my appointment...


Kalle said...

Sorry to hear about the blahs. Strep is no fun, hopefully Jordan is healthy soon and hopefully you can escape without having it.

3 for Me! said...

I don't like strep..... but the good thing is thta the medicine realy works.... so once you gte on the "good stuff" you'll be on the mend, too!

Until then tea with honey is the way to go:)