Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finally... the Photo :)


My daughter took this shot of Drea and I outside of the church before we sang. :) I've had this for quite sometime, but just haven't done anything with it yet...been working on organizing the kids room...and that is another blog...that you may or may not be interested in seeing the documentary vid on! lol!

Soooo....I did all of the PP (post processing) of this photo in Gimp 2.4, accept for the vignette(which I did in Flickr's Picnik). Still can't quite figure the vignette out in gimp yet...working on it though. Drea showed me how to do this...a quick overview, but I didn't catch it completely and should have written it down. Although, I am really diggin' the vignette from Picnik too...

Anyway, I've stayed up all night studying gimp tutorials...gonna pay for this later!!! ;)

Creative people of the world, don't be like me!!! Get your sleep! Heehee...what can I say...I'm nocturnal!

Nite Nite...If I go now, I might be able to get a few hours shut eye!

Until tomorrow... is tomorrow!


Drea said...

I think it looks great! well done! :-) u keep studying that gimp.. it looks like it could do A LOT. I may even download it for fun. Although im so comfortable with photoshop already that im probably not up for to much change.

Jenn said...

Yes, and another newer version of gimp is out now too...2.6...

Jill said...

What a beautiful photo Jenn!


Jenn said...

Awe, thanks Jill! Glad to hear from you, and hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.