Monday, November 17, 2008

Library, not once, but twice!

Well, this afternoon the kids and I set out to "check out" the local library branch in the new city we are now living in. We get there...and they ask for ID...which must reflect our new address. Ugggg, I realized that I haven't gotten my driver's license changed yet! Nor do I have new check with our new address yet...or anything else!

The librarian said that she would accept any type of mail that had my name and our new address. So, I'm like digging through my purse, then I go dig through my car. You'd think with as many papers and mail I had in the car SOMETHING would have my name (or the kids) and our new address.

Nope, nothing!

So, we headed back home...bookless...sad lil' puppy faces. =(

Later that evening, David suggested I go out and spend some time to myself...which honestly is much needed, but I hadn't really thought about it. So guess where I go? Yep, you got it...back to the library.

I really should have been a librarian...I LOVE being in a library! I spent like 2 hours in there!!! Oh, and I did find a netflix envelope with MY name and new address printed on it. whew! I mean..goodness, we haven't even been here long enough to get utility bills with our new name and address on them! lol!

I found a few great books on digital photography. One I'm already loving is by Scott Kelby called, "The Digital Photography Book". I'm excited!! I also found some books on tape for my son and daughter to enjoy such as Moby Dick, Old Yeller, and a Tom Sawyer book on tape. Also, a fun multiplication rap CD. hehe...had the best time doing this alone. Yet, I did miss the kids being with me too. =) Sometimes a mom just needs some alone time. (which I rarely take for myself because I really do enjoy the kids being with me)

After the library, I went to....

TARGET! WOOT! Gosh, everything was so beautiful I had never seen "things" before...haha. (I don't get out much, obviously... ;)


Kalle said...

I love the library too. I can spend hours there just reading, listening and soaking it all in.

Angela said...

Save yourself a trip to the DMV and renew your license address online. I did mine and Larry's when we moved. I got it in the mail in less than a week.
They use the same photo from your current license. I think it's $10 each but well worth not having to go into the the DMV. Hope this helps :)


Jenn said...

Awesome Angela! Thanks for that tip!! I will definetly do this! Oh, I think we will be coming to town this weekend. Will you be in town? Thought we could bring that printer by...