Monday, November 10, 2008

Save Yourself...a daughter's dream

Well, the other day my son asked me, "Mom, What does it mean to Save Yourself". (he heard it on a television show)

Hmmmm, well, we have touched on "the talk" lately. I think it is definitely time to do the Passport to Purity soon with him. Also with Jordan. Even though she knows a bit more about the talk, she needs some of the issues defined more. I'm excited about Focus of the Family's "Passport to Purity". More on that later...

So, I answer Josh very honestly. Lately they have been talking about purity, and how they are impressed that the Jonas Brothers wear purity rings. As a mother, I'm so thrilled when they pick up on these things and when they are passionate about what is right in the eyes of God.

On a separate note: This weekend we were Space Saving! We went through a lot of clothes that were sentimental...such as baby things that I kept for Jordan and Josh to someday used for their children. The most sentimental ones. If you haven't tried these bags, I highly recommend them! I bought mine at a grocery store called Aldi's. I'm sure they could be found online.

Space Bags

Before shrinking some baby clothes:
Vacuum sealed before

After shrinking! (isn't my little model so handsome! lol)
Vacuum sealed after!

After shrinking several items, I decided to finally story my wedding dress. Jordan was so excited about my dress and said she wanted to wear it when she is married. Of course, she had to try it on. It was so sweet seeing her dress up with my wedding dress. Then she found the veil, and what is left of my bouquet. On the back was my something borrowed. David's Aunt actually gave this to me, and wants me to keep it for Jordan to carry when she is married.

Part of my bouquet

The Hankerchief was my something borrow...but ended up being given to me. It belonged to David's Grandmother. His Aunt carried in a Bible when she was married in the 70's. Then in the 90's it was given to me to carry. Now it will go to Jordan when she is married. =)

My dress modeled by my daughter...
My wedding dress

My veil...made with an European headpiece...
Daughter trying on my veil 1

Daughter trying on my veil 2

I don't know how I ever fit into this dress! ha!!

My Wedding Dress


3 for Me! said...

I love those Space Savers bags... I didn't even think to use them for the mass amounts of baby clothes that we've stored... great idea.... my mom uses the Space Savors when she travels to and from her homes:) It really saves on space and my Dad was able to get his favorite pillow and comforter as well was clothes back home one time:)

Totally correct about purity and "the talk"! I really think it's important for parents to be comfrotable discussing thos eissues with their kids. And hopefullly by making it an open conversation our kids will return to us with more questions... keepiong it a dialogue:)

Miss you guys!!!

Andrea said...

Those shrinking bags are SO cool! I've never seen those before, but we could definitely use some more space around here. :) And Jordan looks gorgeous in your dress! How special!

And I am SUPER interested in this Passport to Purity thing you're gonna blog about it more, right? ;)

Jenn said...

Hi Andrea,

The bags are totally awesome! And yes, I am going to blog more about Passport to Purity. =) I'll blog a little more about it, and in the near future do more of a review type blog to let everyone know how it goes.

Blessings, jenn

Drea said...

Space saver bags look wonderful! :-)
Glad you are talking to your kids about it.. I think to many times parents dont... and thats when they discover it on their own.

Have you seen the duggars method to dating? I LOVE IT!!!! and we plan to do the same. :-)

Kalle said...

So those bags actually work...Really good to know as I start to think of my spring cleaning. Jordan looks beautiful in your dress.

Debra said...


Awesome! I remember those purity talks with first, our daughter, then our son.

Blessings to you as you speak wisdom and truth to them.


Jenn said...

Drea, I haven't seen Duggar's.

Kalle, Thanks for the compliment for Jordan. She felt like a princess in it!

Debra, ((hugs)) back to you! : )

Jenn said...

By they way...I was in Rite Aid Drug Store this evening...if you have those where you live, they carry these space saver bags.