Tuesday, March 31, 2009

C-pap for J

Several weeks ago, J went for a sleep study at our hospital. Since she was allergic to metal, she was unable to go through with the study; where they glue all of the electrodes everywhere. Apparently they have not been able to find any adequate "metal free" electrodes for her to use.

So, the Dr. sent her home with a C-pap machine. Her actual machine looks like this...and has a built in humidifier:

Here is what her mask looks like:


She will wear it during sleep for 2 weeks. There is a memory card inserted into the back of the machine, where her number of episodes of "not breathing" will be recorded. What happens is this: The machine is set to "5" for the amount of oxygenated air that blows in for her to breathe. When she holds her breath, the machine can sense this and blow more forcefully to "force" her response to breathe...up to a "12". The machine will record in this way every episode where she holds her breath.

J was initially excited about her new "fun" machine. She played with it most of the afternoon. The "in home" therapist said she could play with it...to get used to how it works, and feels on her face. She wore it while doing her school work...Bubb also checked it out for fun!

However...the novelty wore off about 1 hour into actual sleep time.

She woke up several times complaining that she felt she was suffocating. She pulled it off several times. Since J and Bubb share a room (only for a few more months while husband is completing his residency) Bubb was like a daddy rooster fussing at her for pulling the mask off.

David heard them once, and made J put it on again. I must have been in a deep sleep...Bubb said he screamed at her...we never heard that! Of course...to ADHD, their idea of a scream is much more exaggerated than an actually scream.

We've got to come up with a way to bribe this girl into keeping that mask on!! lol! She won't have to wear it forever, like in the case of an adult who would. The Pediatric physician explained that if her airway is obstructed during her sleep, she is losing vital oxygen to her heart. In children they can usually correct this by removing the tonsils and adenoids. This will open up the airway to keep it from closing off during sleep.


Wendy said...

My FIL has this same machine to help with his snoring. He said after a few days he actually slept better because he wasn't having breathing problems and the white noise from the machine:) Good luck!!

Jenn said...

Well, my husband is on the c-pap now too. He flunked the sleep study horribly!

J is just using a machine to measure the times she stops breathing. However, she will NOT keep the mask on at night. She pulls it off in her sleep. Its LOUD when she does...I have to go in, and make her sit up to put it back on...about 3-4 times in the night and early am. Everyone else is getting sleep these days...between me keeping J's mask on, and repositioning husband's (he has chubby cheeks and the seal loses its suction...makes a squeaking fart noise)...I'm getting now sleep and I'm grumpy, can ya tell. HAHA!!

This morning is day two of being on the machine. My husband said he can tell a little difference today...he feels better this morning than he has in a long time. :)


Jenn said...

I meant to say I am getting NO sleep...not "now"...see...I'm sleeeepy! lol!