Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Praise Band

Recently I was accepted into our church's praise band.  It has been such a blessing thus far.  Also, it is very much growing and challenging me vocally/musically.  

Here is a photo taken by our friend from church.  Her husband preached last Sunday, and she took a few photos of the band while we were warming up before the service.   

Band pic 2edit

I'm the "old lady" of the group!  lol!!  Seriously, I'm twice the age of every member!  Yet, I love being a part of serving in this area, and within such dynamic Christ loving group!  :)  Most all of the songs are completely new to me, and everyone has been so great (patient) and supportive as I am learning.  

The female vocalist that I sing with is such an awesome singer, and so gracious and a joy to be around.   Our worship leader is fun and full of energy!  Every band member truly loves the Lord, and gives their all for the Glory of God.  Even during practices, the heart of Christ can be seen so evident in and through their lives.   I love that! 

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