Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuesday Field Trip to Lowes w/ Home-school Group

Tuesday we went on a short morning field trip at Lowes Food.  We had a group of about 10-12 kids.  Everyone had a wonderful time learning about good nutrition, and sampling tasty fruits, vegetables and lean meats.  

The children got to meet "Larry the Lobster"

Each child received a treat bag at the end of the tour.  One thing in the bag was a grocery list to challenge families to put at least 10 "healthy" items in their basket.  It really motivated the children to think about the foods they eat.  It reinforced what our family has already been challenging ourselves to do.

Oh, I failed to mention that at the beginning of the tour, all of the children were given a Lowes hat to wear, and take home with them.  

After we returned home, J and J worked on completing their lessons.  Bubb is all the time hearing me tell him to put on his "thinking cap".   So he came up with this all on his own: He decided to use his Lowe's cap as his thinking cap, and offered to use it in the future during times when he has trouble with focusing.  I thought that was a great idea! :)  I need one of these thinking caps as well!!!  ;)

IMG_0019_color1Bubb completing Math with his thinking cap on

Ok, here's the deal.  I had wanted to take lots of new pics of J, but every time I would try to take a photo, she would fuss at me to stop taking photos of her! is fussing at me, "MOM, why aren't you taking as many photos of me as you are Bubb????????"   :S   So....she is my new subject.  Stay tuned!  :)))

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