Monday, March 23, 2009

She's Growing Fast

Well dear family and friends miles away, I told you I'd get a photo posted of J.  Here is one we took while walking on the waterfront while our family was visiting with us.   Since I got my 10d, I'm trying to learn it.  Therefore I hope to have many more (better and improved) shots soon!  

IMG_9990_bw1J at the waterfront

She has so grown! The surgery has really matured her fast.  Seriously, going through something like this certainly would.  

For those of you who really know J, you know she has had this "love-y" kitten since she was like 2 yrs old.  It is a TY beany cat that her Aunt Beth back home gave her.  Well, it isn't the "original".  She had one, called Spice that was given when she was younger than 2.  Within a few yrs had worn it to a frazzle, so we found her a new one exactly like it, which she named "New Spice".

Well, New Spice has been with us for yrs.  She has been left at stores and recovered by caring workers, lost and found numerous times, etc...etc.  

I think I had taken the paci away from J at 2 yrs...a little too early for her because she went to the Thumb and New Spice for comfort instead.  She has been a thumb sucker ever since!  

It has always been New Spice and Thumb.  When she was tired and ready for bed, she had to have both!  Since I took the paci away too soon for her, I decided I would allow her to have these at bedtime, and not make an issue.  (Occasionally she would sneak in the afternoon when she was sleepy)  Also, she seemed to cling to it more the closer her surgery time drew near.  (When I would talk to her about giving it up, she would remind me that Mandisa sucked her thumb until age 24yrs)

Here are photos taken before her surgery:

100_8492sneaking a nap with new spice

This was taken a few days before her surgery. If you look close, you can see New Spice's ear poking out.  lol!  
365-57taken prior to her surgery

Bubb never used a paci or sucked his thumb.  However, he does have a baby blanket that he still likes. A baby blanket from Gymboree; A gift from his Aunt K when he was born.  I'll post about that on another day. :)

J has put New Spice and her Thumb to rest on her own.  After her surgery she didn't want either; Never asked for it them once and never put her thumb in her mouth since!



Drea said...

I was a thumb sucker ... bad. I sucked my thumb until I was a 6th grader.. and then my dad told me if I ruined my teeth again (I was getting braces in 6th grade), that Id owe him 4,000 dollars, HAHAHA. So I stopped.

But it took a lot of trying to stop. I was always tempted to put that thumb back in...

Im good now :)
They say it takes 7 years to develop a habit and 7 to break it, I believe it!!

Jenn said...

Awe wow! Thankfully, Jordan has straight teeth. :) It was so strange, she had no desire to suck her thumb after surgery, and did not even want her stuffed cat.

You are so right about that habit breaking. It takes just as long to break it as it did to make it. I believe it too!

Laci Strickland said...

Ella always has to have her paci which she calls "baba" and her stuffed Bunny she calls "Mimi". She loves them both and it will probably break my heart the day she stops. We've been thinking about taking the pacifier away at 2yrs also, but I may let her go just a little longer :)
This post was so sweet,I loved it!

Jenn said...

Laci, My sister in law did something unique that seemed to work. When her oldest girl, our niece (who is now 17 yrs old!!!) turned 2. (She also called hers a "baba". so funny.) Anyway, she would have baba's in the car, all over the house to pop when in when she wanted. The Baba diva!

Well, my sister in law cut the ends off of all of them. So when my niece would find them and went to try to suck it, she said..."aw, baba broke" and she would throw it down and not want it. Then she would find another and say, "baba broke". HAHA, it worked for them. She never wanted a baba again.

3 for Me! said...

I was a thumb sucker as well... well into middle school... it was a HARD habit to break. And while my aprents tried everything to get me to stop I just had to grow out of it.... I totally agree with Drea that it took a LONG time to stop. My mom even joked me in Highschool that she'd come in to check on my and thumb would be in my mouth... totally unintentionally.

In 8th grade, I got braces... it finally cured me:) The braces would rip open my thumb. SO it hurt AND I wasn't about to tell my friends I still was trying to break my thumb sucking.

Glad Jordan was cured soo quickly. And glad she's doing soo well.

We have a extended family church member that went to have back surgery TODAY... she's a senior in HS and has been home doing for a month at least because of the back pain! But it looks like she'll also miss other senior events:( But she's in soo much pain, it will be good to feel better!

Michelle Lodeserto said...

I LOVE that opening picture of Jordan.

Stacey said...

I was a thumb sucker too, and my parents did everything they could think of to get me to stop. I did stop at the age of 4 or 5 I think, but I remember how much I loved sucking my thumb. It was a constant comfort :)

Bundleboo MaMa said...

congrats on your new camera! I too was a finger sucker...and actually I sucked my fingers fulltime until I was 13... My husband has found me sucking my fingers once in my sleep when I was sick or really tired..I don't remember doing it but hes says I was. :) How old is JOrdan?

Jenn said...

Thank you! :) I'm starting to "begin" to get used to it. lol!

She is 12. :)