Friday, March 6, 2009

Change of Plans

We had a change of plans, and did not end up going to the planetarium.  As it turns out, the drive was going to be much longer than we had thought once we mapped it out on google.  

So we decided to visit a closer option for this weekend...a nearby "mini-zoo".  I have photos to post, but the day and evening got away from us.  I'll post a few tomorrow.    

It was fun, and such a beautiful sunny day.  We enjoyed walking outside, seeing the animals, and being together as a family.  :)

There was hardly anyone there, which was good for J.  She still has restrictions from her back surgery.  She is doing so well that people tend to forget that she is still very delicate in the spinal area.  We certainly do not want to be in surgery again for something careless happening! 

We are already receiving bills from J's surgery...for the surgery alone it was $23,400.  That was just for the surgeons hands! Not to mention the hospital bill of $139,000.  Yes...six figures!  This does not include other tests...MRI, X-rays, other bills that will come in from whomever stepped in her room to check on her...

Thankfully we do have insurance.  We still have to pay $2000.00 out of pocket (which is big money for our little family ;).  So we certainly do not want to revisit this again any time soon if we can do things to prevent it!

This evening J had a get together with the youth group.  They had a Bible study, and then watched a movie afterwards.  We appreciate them being considerate of her restrictions, and not making her feel different for it.  She is so self conscious about it all...hates to ever be a bother, and it is nice that she can get together with christian brothers and sisters in Christ, and feel comfortable, and uplifted.   :-D Thanks Shannon for inviting her!!!

Tomorrow (which is today)  my bubb and I are going on a breakfast date together.  This is the "one on one" time I had promised him. :)  We are very much looking forward to this time of sharing. 

Afterwards...after lunch...I am meeting up with a dear friend of mine who is a Pastor AND Worship Pastor.  Her name is Treva Tankard.  I got to know her through a mutual friend, and I so enjoy times we have shared together worshipping in song, and talking together about our wonderful Lord.  What a precious sister in Christ, and great encourager for the kingdom!


Michelle Lodeserto said...

Although not the original plans, it sounds like you had fun at the zoo :) Wow, that is a lot of money for the hospital bills~ insurance is truely a blessing to have. I know the Lord will provide for the out of pocket expense left over. It was great to see Jordan today at church (and great to hear you sing!!- you did awesome). That's sweet that you and your husband went on a breakfast date. I am sure you had a great time and I am sure the time spent with your friend was very uplifting as well.

Jenn said...

Thanks Michelle. :) Actually it was Josh that I had the breakfast date with. :) I had promised him some one on one mommy/son time. However, David and I definitely need a date! We are long overdue.