Monday, March 9, 2009

It's a Monday!

Our family is trying to get back on our routine of getting up an extra hour early, and walking together.   So we were up at 6 am.  The children are feeling so sleepy, and sluggish today.  It is amazing what losing 1 hr of sleep does to children.  (I'm not sure they have recovered from the time change either.) I was hoping the walk would pep them up.  Nope, didn't work today. lol! Tonight they will be going to bed earlier.  :)

Once I got them through the first hour or so, they picked up momentum.  We've gotten quite a bit accomplished.  

I had to be a little extra patient with both children this morning until they kicked in.  Their tolerance levels were very low from feeling sleepy.  I had to especially be mindful of my adhd child.  If I push him too hard, then the whole day will be shot out of the water.  We worked through his frustrations...patiently (sometimes not so patiently).  I allowed him to work 15-30 mins at a time, and take small breaks in between.  This gave him motivation to see the progress, and to realize that it didn't take as long as he thought it would! ;)

We got through Bible, Math, Vocabulary, Science...then moving on to Reading after I finish my lunch break.  They are both taking a break upstairs with music.  

I've been doing laundry all morning in between getting them on lessons.  It had piled up BIG time!!! If you miss it a couple of days around here, it will really pile up! 

Today I plan to begin some spring cleaning.  Starting with the children's rooms!  I'm going to sift through items, children's toys, clothes, whatever they don't use anymore...hoping they will let go of some more items that they haven't even picked up in the last year!  

We have got to continue with simplifying!  David finishes up his residency in Aug. 09, and this may mean another move for us.  That is, unless God opens a door for our family here.  As it stands, there are no chaplain jobs available at the hospital where he is doing his residency.  Therefore we need to be flexible, and ready to move if God moves us.  :) The life of ministry...

I'm so ready for spring/summer!  I was getting to the point where I was almost feeling depressed or something.  Does anyone get that way?  By the time end of winter is upon us, and spring is approaching...I am SO ready for the sunshine!  It is like a lifting for me!  I guess the creative side of me just longs to see trees, and pretty flowers! 

The past couple of days have been absolutely beautiful here! The sun is shining, and right now I show the temperature as being 77 degrees.  ☼   ☺



Andrea said...

Ah yes...spring cleaning! I've started...though haven't gotten too far yet! I'm in a big de-cluttering mood these days though! ;)

Bundleboo MaMa said...

warm weather does make me feel busy busy busy...and I do hear you about pushing the adhd child and causing a disruption for the rest of the day by doing so. :)

Jenn said...

Andrea...I didn't get as much accomplish. Thankfully we have another sunny day. It is so strange...I hate spring cleaning when it is rainy outside. haha! I'm totally in the de-clutter mode. Seriously, I wish the clean sweep people would just come in and take it away!! lol!

Bundleboo MaMa...yes, it is difficult to explain...but the negativity that an adhd child can get hung up in can last for can be exhausting. It affects the whole family too...I do LOTS of praying when I am trying to handle these situations. I know it is a struggle that he does want to overcome. :)

Michelle Lodeserto said...

Ahhh, spring cleaning don't you love it! I used to hate clean until I started to pray. Yup...while I fold my husbands laundry I pray for him, while I vaccum the family room I pray for family time, while I load and unload the dishwasher (for what seems to be all the time) I pray for family diners and for food, etc. etc.

Michelle Lodeserto said...

I really can spell- I just type fast and don't proof read! Yikes!!

Jenn said...

Michelle - Awww, I know you can spell girl! :) I make typos all the fingers get going fast and I hit letters I don't mean to, or miss a letter. ;)

I love your take on cleaning. Recently, I've been encouraging the children to be thankful for everything they put their hands on. It truly is a blessing when we think of it this way. :) I've never thought about doing it while cleaning though. Great idea!