Thursday, March 5, 2009

Days with Hubby

Today husband surprised us by being home from work.  He took today off, and also took tomorrow as vacation days.  He had vacation days that he had not used, and was "encouraged" to take some of them this week.  This apparently is a slow week with his classes, and a good time for the residents to take some of their vacation.  

Tomorrow David and I are taking the children on a "field trip" to a local planetarium.  This will be so fun to do a field trip together as a family, and the children will get a science lesson too! 

It will be a nice, short road trip for J.  We will be able to see how well she travels for future "longer" road trips to visit family and friends. :)

I wanted to say concerning home-school.  We gave the online "Time4learning" a try during J's surgery recovery.  While I do love the idea of online schooling, for a full curriculum it just did not work for us.  So, I was glad when our Singapore Math, and Vocabulary Workshop books I had ordered came in.  IMO the online did not teach as in depth or explain as thoroughly as I had hoped.  

However, when J and J get into the upper grade levels of Jr High math, I'll probably switch them to Teaching Textbooks Math.  It is a CD rom that runs off of the computer, but I really like that they work out every problem for you.  There are also corresponding workbooks and textbooks that they will use with the CD rom.

What else...well, not much else I suppose.  My nocturnal tendencies are about to get the best of me...been very tired lately, and fighting a sinus/sore throat thing.  I've been drinking lots of green tea with honey, and it seems to be helping some.  :)  Lots of friends have been praying too! (Thank you)  I do need better rest at night, but having a hard time sleeping at night...then I'm so tired during the day...  

This too shall pass!


Michelle Lodeserto said...

Enjoy the time with your hubby & family : )

Kim said...

Have a fun time with the family!! & get some rest :-)