Sunday, March 15, 2009

Warning: Photog-Maniac in the Making!!!

Canon 10d is FINALLY HERE!!!

IMG_9930-1my Canon 10d and me!

IMG_9908my very first photo with the 10d - ik, i have a lot to learn about the exposure on this thing! lol!!

IMG_991222nd shot with the 10d

Ok...I've not said too much about this...because I didn't want to be a whiner.  ;)

Remember when I told you all that David had spoiled me for Valentines??? The jewelry...and also he wanted to by me a DSLR Camera (used older model via ebay mind you...we can't afford the newer ones right now)?  

We found a used older 2003 Canon "semi-pro mid range" model on ebay.  Got a PHENOMENAL deal!!! We won it, and waited and waited.  (keep in mind I have never had any issues with buying on ebay...yet I know there is always a first time for everything)

Since winning it, there has been a serious of bad communications on the part of the seller.  He finally got me a tracking info (I had to keep asking weeks after the win).  

I waited and watched by tracking...watched it go RIGHT BACK to the west coast!!!  It was shipped from a Cali warehouse.  The seller failed to put our street "name" on the address (which was clearly on our ebay account!).  Therefore it went BACK to his vacation home address.... in OREGON of all places!  

Are ya following me still?? HAHA  Well, that's good, because I was LOST as to why it went there!!!

Ok, he went to his vaca home on Thurs (I had to wait an additional wk for him to get to his vaca home from Cali to OR)  He did finally mail it back this past Thurs...and I watched another track no.

...I watched and watched was supposed to deliver Sat.  I kept checking USPS.  They did not update it as delivered until Sat at 5pm!!!...AFTER our front office was closed.  :(  

No offense to the postal service folks out there.  Normally, the postman attempts to deliver to our apt.  Which they did not!  THEN if the mailman can't get us at the apt, they are supposed to put a slip in our po box saying where they left the package...which they didn't!!  :S

Sooooo, today (which was rly yesterday...Sun) we happened to drive by the office, and there WAS actually someone working in the office...on a Sun!!  So guess what...David went in, and got my 10d...YIPEE!! I'm a maniac now!! HAHA 

Seriously...I have 4 photo shoots scheduled in the near future, and I am so thankful to God to finally get it in! I've got a lot of studying up on this particular camera before then.  :) 

I'm so thankful for waiting it out, instead of just buying the first new camera on sale just to get a DSLR.  I had some good friends suggest that I wait and keep using what I have.  (which by the way - The photo shoots I have scheduled are based on the photos I took with my Kodak NON slr digital)  I also had some friends suggest I start with a Rebel...but those new are still around $400 bucks (even used models) the time David and I got the lens needed for portraits, we were looking at $500 to $600 bucks!  Even with a used rebel! 

I had taken months and months and researched and shopped and prayed...

When we got our tax money, it was more important for us to tithe, get caught up on bills, and bless some others who were in need first.  

Afterwards, David splurged on me for Valentine's (which I had no idea about the jewelry or that he planned to buy me a camera!!)...which is very rare for him...seriously the only "real" jewelry he has bought for me is a bracelet and my wedding rings!  Personally, I like the fun cheapo $1 jewelry.  We just don't spend a lot on that kind of stuff.  The clothes I wear were either given to me as hand me downs from my sister in law, or I buy from Goodwill...Walmart sale rack $5 and under! Most of what I wear... I've had for like 10 yrs or older!  That is why I wear black a can change up the jewelry and still look ok. lol!

Anywhooo, David and I (together) found this camera (with the battery grip) for $250!  I couldn't even buy a Kodak or really nice point and shoot for much less!!!  :))) I'm stoked, can ya tell???

Last night during Jordan's Bible study, we talked about using our money wisely.  Jordan looked back and smiled at me.  I think some thought she did this to insinuate that I spend lavishly.  However, she knows that we give most all we can to help others, and that I say NO all the time, and the rare occasions when I do say Yes...I am a BIG TIME bargain shopper!  We don't buy it unless we need it! (I'm more of the tightwad)  

We also have learned to invest in items that are going to further our kingdom work long term.  

This camera is going to allow me to bless online music ministries, and to bless other families and ministries in their kingdom work.  

Once I am proficient with this camera, and more established as a photographer, I would very much like to volunteer my time to a local non profit organization called NILMDTS.  I have a special heart for those who have lost their children, because I too lost my first child.  It does not matter at what stage a child is lost, it is never easy.   No one can feel that pain each person feels about it either, even if the other person has lost a child too.  Each feeling about it is unique to that person.  

Also, I want to focus on maternity, and newborn photography.  Yet, I won't limit myself if someone asks for something different.

These are my main goals, but I'm open to whatever door God wants me to walk through.  :)  This is just what He has been speaking to my heart to do as I have prayed many months about it.  I'm excited! :)

Here are a few more photos of my "1st's" with the 10d

IMG_9918-13rd photo taken with my 10d

IMG_9922-14th photo taken with my 10d

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