Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More 10d play

I love this first one of J, but for some reason she hates it...she says she looks kind of pale.  The truth is...she IS pale...it is the end of winter and she has very fair skin.  :-D

 However, I did not do much edit to these at all, except for a little curves adjustment, contrast, and a little unsharp mask on the eyes.  :)  Well, that sounds like a lot, huh?  It rly isn't tho.

I did notice that the un-natural ceiling light coming in from the left facing casts a yellow tone on J's face, while the natural light coming thru the right facing is much more...well, natural!  

You even notice on the last photo...Bubb's face has the natural light, and J's face has light from the ceiling...the side of J's face and hair do not look as true as Bubb's.  :)  

I did have awb turned on the camera...yet, even still,  I had to use my awb fix in gimp.  So much for the camera awb! I could have spent a lot of time fixing the skin, but I just didn't.  :) Next time I will remember to turn off the kitchen ceiling light!







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