Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cool Flip Flops!

Ok, Bubb has these flip flops that he has worn for like 3 yrs!! He has flat worn them out!!! Seriously...they look too bad to even photograph! Yet, he still wears them! They were canvas straps on top and suede in the foot part. I think we bought them on clearance at The Shoe Carnival.

Recently, our Aunt and Nana were here visiting. They took Bubb to try to find flip flops like the ones he has worn to shreds. (the insides of them were literally shreds) They had no luck.

Last weekend when our friend Drea was here visiting (after our Harris Teeter triple coupon grocery run), J and I hit the Dollar General with her. After Drea headed home, J and I decided to go Dollar Store hopping. lol! We love Dollar Stores, and Goodwill Stores as well!

J and I came across these really cute flip flops.

They look much like the ones Bubb has...only more greenish and his old ones were more buff colored. I didn't want to buy them without his stamp of approval.

We went out today for a few grocery store items, and then ran by the Dollar General. He LOVED them!!

The best part...only $5 a pair! They are VERY light weight, and have this bumpy texture on the inside of the bottoms for footsies to get a little massage when walking. The straps are frayed canvas like his others were..only darker green. They'll be great for the beach!!! :)

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