Monday, April 20, 2009

Great Weekend; Sunday

This weekend we had a friend visit from back home.  :)  We had a wonderful time together!!  She arrived to us on Sat afternoon.  She stayed with us Sat night, and returned home early Sun morning. 

When she arrived, we were finishing up a yard sale.  We did pretty well on the yard sale, and were able to bless our friend by taking her to dinner at a restaurant on the water.  I've got photos, but have not had a chance to edit them yet.  So I'll post a few later.  

Between fighting for the computer...the only time I have to do major edits is in the evening when the kids are in bed.  Otherwise, we are fighting for computer time!

We need another computer in our home!!  We have one laptop to share among four.  Between Josh making movies with it, Jordan using it and Dad using it for work and leisure...and my photo editing.  With all of the photos I'm taking, I am already outgrowing this one.  

Also, I really do need a larger screen for editing photos with.  I've got my eye on an Apple at Best Buy...the 20" desktop version.   Speaking of eyes have been killing me trying to edit on this little 13" laptop screen!  Not to mention, it is difficult to get a good overall view of portraits on it.  So, hopefully some time in the next year we can get the desktop.  Josh and I can share it for movies and photography. :)  David and Jordan can fight over the laptop.   lol!

So much happened this weekend.  The yard sale, visit from our friend, it was our praise teams turn to sing this Sun and I had a solo part this weekend, and....I had my first maternity shoot Sun afternoon. :)  

The maternity shoot went great.  Mainly, because the couple I photographed were extremely patient with me! I had some issues with my camera.  It is an older model Canon 10d.  Something is going on with it.  About every other time I snapped a shot, it would lock up and say error 99.  

It had done this some prior to our shoot.  I had read up about it online, and some suggested to clean around the lens connection with an eraser.  So I did all that, and charged my batteries up full...all the things it suggested online.  Still, it kept locking up.  So frustrating!!

Also, every time it locked up, I would lose the photo right before it locked.  I had to turn my camera on and off every other shot to reset...this went on for like the first hour.  We lost a lot of shots...I was about in tears.  

Then I just took a deep breath, and prayed.  Since my friends were ok with it all, we just went with what we could do.  As the shoot went on, the camera locked up less and less.  Thankfully! However, many of the photos were blurred due to the lens trying to refocus after it would shut off.  Grrrrr....

I'm pretty pleased with the results, even with the camera struggles.  Again...I haven't had time to do any photo edits yet coming off of a busy weekend.  However, I've narrowed those from this shoot down to 50 or so shots... to narrow down again to 20 for final edits.  

I'll work on a few of my very favorites and try to post them soon.  I'd like to allow my friend to see them before I post too many of them.  I'm so excited!  :)

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