Thursday, April 16, 2009


Who would have thought that God would speak to me through a Disney Pixar animation...but He did!

Sometimes I just feel so stripped like this little guy (you will see after you watch the movie), or I feel like damaged goods. People aren't short on reminding us of our flaws either...too fat, a terrible mother, I'm unlovable, I'm an idiot, the list goes one...people can be quick to judge someone they THINK they know, but really have no idea about the insides of them at all. They make deductions based only on a few (of their perception) of the outward evidences. Or, they look for the bad, instead of the good in folks.

Can't wait to show this to the rest of our little family too. We all needed it.

David has been really down since his dad died, and so have the kids and I. Things going on with our loved ones can affect the whole family dynamics. We are all in need of a major rebound!!! What we don't need though, is people telling us how they think we should feel, or not feel. That is like pouring salt on the wound. God does the work!

After watching this, I cried happy was sweet. Of course, God was working on me last night as lift my head up, pull myself out of the valley, and to remember that God really does care (even if it doesn't feel like it at all...i know i know, we don't go on a feeling-however, we do have feelings that God cares very much about!).

Thankfully, I had my good cry yesterday (and a little this morning), and I don't plan to stay there in the hard places.

I'm so praying for David. He is a good man, and has been through so much. He deserves the very best of encouragement and treatment. He has a caring heart. My prayer is that God will so bless him for all of His hard work...all of his struggles and pain. I'm not a name it claim it person. However, I believe it is his time to SHINE!! I want to see this happen for him...soon!

Thanks Andrea for sending this vid. Our whole family needed this reminder through something fun.  ;)

I'm just so ready to be "settled" somewhere...where we can dig in as a family with some staying power. Everything is always so up in the air. To think about packing up everything AGAIN, and moving and starting over again...well, I just don't want to think about it right now...It is in God's hands, and whatever He wants is what I will do. If David's time to shine means we move again...then I am definitely ready to go!

Anyway, Hope you all enjoy this cute vid too!

Boundin' by Pixar


Drea said...

ill send u some more pixar films ;-)
its a great lil video.. glad it touched u

Anne B. said...

Amen! And I love this video too. Jackson loved to watch it right before we moved here. It has such a good message.

I hope you know how thankful I am that I know you. You may not feel like it, but you are such good people and a great example that a family CAN be close to God, CAN teach true principles of Christ's gospel to upcoming teens, and CAN put their faith in God. Thank you, Jenn...

Jenn said...

Thanks Drea. You are a good friend, and I look forward to seeing other vids. :)

And Thank You Anne. ;) I'm so glad to have met you here. You and your family are a real blessing!