Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Know It's Bad When... get an email from BlogHer saying, "we've noticed it has been a while since you last blogged..." 

We've had so much going on! We were out of town for 5 days, and in that time I had 4 photo shoots (two being for my niece...prom and cap and gown photos).  Prior to leaving to go out of town, I had a maternity photo shoot.  As soon as I get with the mom, I'm going to post some from that very first shoot.  She is a beautiful pregnant lady too!  

The photo editing on top of how busy I already am home-schooling two children and taking care of our home.  Not to mention we also had a yard sale weekend before last.  So you know how it is getting ready for those.  

I'm so thrilled about the photo shoots, yet it does consume a lot of time doing the photo edits. :)  I'll get into my groove with it though, and do much better with scheduling too.  It is just that while we were home, family and friends asked me to take photos for them while I was in town.  It was a lot of fun too!  But...would not have normally scheduled 4 shoots in one weekend. :)

During our visit we saw several of our dear friends.  J got to see a couple of her best friends E and K.  I didn't get photos of she and E...whom she spent Sunday with.  But I did with her friend K.  K was watching me edit the prom photos while she was over with J...and she said, "JenJen, will you take my picture too"? Of course, I was more than happy to! Plus, I knew that J would love having them for memories.

Here are a few photos from my nieces prom. :)  Both girls are my nieces.  Long story, but the oldest went to prom with the youngest's boyfriend...because they are best friends and she and her boyfriend broke up prior to already having planned to go to prom.  Meanwhile, she starting dating a new boyfriend...but the tux was already ordered for the friend...Like I said, long story. ;)






J and her friend K



Here are a few of my faves from a maternity shoot I did back home in western NC this past weekend. Isn't she pretty? :)






3 for Me! said...

Love the all the colors of the prom photos!!!

I'm soo glad you were able to visit with family!! And Fun that you were able to use your gift to bless them... even though the editting is time-consuming:)

I love homeschooling my little preschoolers... can't imagine the workload of homeschooling greade school kiddies;)

Anne B. said...

All the pics are beautiful! My favs are the "cameo" of the four promers (on the stairs), the first one of J with her friend, and the first one of the pregnant mom. She IS beautiful, but it helps to have a great photographer! :)

Jenn said...

Thank you both!

I really enjoy the editing part...I can get quite consumed in it. It is a challenge to keep a healthy balance of everything. :)

And here I am up at 1:30 am!