Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Fun; Bokeh Bling-a-dy-Bling!

The children and I are at the last week of taking a few weeks off.  They are on a year round schedule, and even though we are taking these weeks off, they are still doing Math, Vocab and free reading. (also many creative ventures)  It is just a time for our family to pull in even more right now.  We are facing several challenging here, and we need each other.  I'm trying to get myself psyched up to the fact that we may be packing to move again!

David finishes his residency in August.  It is a little nerve wracking that we do not know where we are going from here.  We know God is in control, no matter how much we try to spin our wheels and figure it out.  If we can just relax, press into Jesus, and trust that He has it all worked out.  With my type A personality, it is not an easy thing.   There is a lot of pressure on David too, and he is feeling the stress immensely!  I get so concerned for him, and there again... all I can really do is trust God and pray.  

Today is such a relaxed and rainy day!  So I grabbed my camera and took some fun pics.   J was not into the photos today. lol!  Since you can't see her face...you can see the remnants of her left over fun fingernail polish!  


When we were home visiting friends and family last weekend, she and her best friend E gave each other manicures.  J is always into doing something different. :)

Also while we were home...the Bubb borrowed a movie from his cousin; Batman The Dark Knight...or Night.  Not sure which it is. lol.  Anyway, he did something so creative.  He created his own mask all on his own.  All except...he had his nana help him put the rope on it to keep it on his face. :)  

Here is his creation...

Here are a few fun shots I took with my 10d.  :)

Bottle Bokeh Bling-a-licious! For those who do not know what Bokeh is...it is the blurred little dots/out of focus areas that are produced by the camera lens.  
Bottle bling-li-cious!

Bokeh Bling Bling on the lower part of the wallet! What can I say...I'm into Bokeh Bling! ;) If you look closely...with a magnifying glass...you can see baby bokeh on the sunglasses lens right above me and above my sister's painting above me. heehee
Bokeh Bling-licious!


Sheila said...

I know what you feel like about your concern for David. I am the same way with Claude. There are so many times that I just wish I could take the stress from him. Even more times that I would gladly take the mental/emotional weight from him if I could. The ONLY thing we can do when we are at that point is to lift them up to God. He loves them even more than we do (and honestly that is really hard for me to understand since I love Claude more than my own life!)
I am praying for you friend!

Jenn said...

Thanks Sheila! You are so right. We appreciate every prayer. :) jenn