Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Blues

I'm singing the...I want to see a blue sky Monday blues!  I realize we can always use the rain, but I'm so ready for beach weather and for blue skies to stay for awhile! Gray skies just make this artistic gal feel so blah!

We live near the coast, and this summer we plan to spend a lot of weekends at the beach. Since we can drive over to the beach for the day, it is a real blessing that we need to enjoy as much as possible! Especially since we do not know how much longer we have in this location.

As I've said before, David finishes up his Chaplain residency in August.  He has his resume' out all over the literally hundreds of places!!! Who knows where God will lead us to.  We really love being in this city, and love our church.  It is so difficult for me to truly plug into a place and then have to uproot.  I'm sure military folks are so accustomed to this way of life. However, I am not very used to it at all.  God is teaching me to be flexible through these changes.   

We'd really like to be able to stay local, if possible.  David has an interview this week for a company that is "nearby".  If this works out, we would be able to stay in this city. He would have to drive between two different cities (living here would keep us right in the middle).  So we shall see how it goes.  Whatever God wants for our family is what we desire.


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