Monday, May 11, 2009

Tues Appt; Out of Denial

Today J has a follow up appointment.  We have lots of questions.  Mainly...she is having frequent headaches that are getting more frequent.  It isn't her eyes, or her blood pressure.  We took her to the pediatrician yesterday because she felt bad...chills and body aches...also sore throat.  Everything checked out OK, and she did not have strep.  I've been giving her extra strength tylenol for her headaches. 

Also, she is having these popping sensations in her back.  Almost like "let down" feeling or like her spine is settling.  It happens when she is sitting absolutely still.  Very strange.  We are checking into that as well.  

I'm taking my camera...hope to get photos of her X-rays.  I've been wanting to get those to post!

Well, I've come out of the land of denial about my eyesight going bad.  Several yrs ago I had lasik surgery.  It was so wonderful for me...who was "legally blind"...seriously, blind as a bat!  The eye Dr. told me that once I turned 40 yrs I'd probably need reader glasses.  Well, I'm 41...and for about a yr now I've noticed having issues with seeing close up.  Especially with reading text, my eyes have been buggin' out!  

So while I was home this past weekend, my sister in law gave me a pair of her $1 Target reader glasses.  (she has a pair for every kidding, but she did have like 3 pair!)  It was nice of her to share. ;)  I broke down and admitted that I really do need them.  They are a low 1.25 or something like that, but really make a huge difference.  Anyway, my eyes are much happier for it!  

Readers 1

So Yeah, I'm getting old and I see a gray hair shining on this photo as I type this!!!  

Reader glasses $1 at Target, being blind when you are a photographer...priceless!!!

Readers 2


rebecca said...

I would LOVE to have Lasik, but I am a big chicken! My eyes are SO bad. My sister had it done a few years ago and is seeing almost 20/20.
Like the glasses! :-)

Kara T. said...

You're so cute! LOVE the glasses and we won't tease you about them...too much. :)

Hope everything is going well with J. She's such a sweet girl.

Jenn said...

Yes Rebecca, It was the best thing I ever did! I cried because I could actually see!!! The only complication from the surgery is...I do have severe dry eyes, and that is one thing that can happen post surgery. I have to keep drops going all the time! It can be a real pain when editing photos because my eyes get extra dry and blurry at times.

And now I am old and needing reader glasses. haha