Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Visitors

I hope everyone had a blessed Memorial Day with family and friends, and mainly with remembering those who have served so that our country can remain free.  

Yesterday was a beautiful day for our family!  We had some friends come to visit who live about 3.5 hrs from us.  A pastor (and friend of David's from divinity school), his wife and two teen daughters.  

His wife presented J with a prayer shawl.


She worked on the prayer shawl during the time J was recovering from surgery, and has a prayer shawl ministry at their church.   To learn more about prayer shawl ministries, CLICK HERE.


It is so beautiful!  If you look closely  about mid-lower section of the below full shot of J, you can see a heart crocheted in the shawl.  There is one other other side like it and a huge heart in the center back of the shawl. 

The photo does not have J's face in focus, but I loved the way the shawl looked on her it in.  :)   

I had to edit this to mention...David's friend...the Pastor...he brought our family TWO pork butts that he had smoked.  He prepared them with a some special seasoning rubb that he ordered from Texas! They were SOOOO delicious!  Thank's D!

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