Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crude Commercials

The Family Guy "Dance Dance" song/commercial is really getting on my nerves!!! (and yes, we turn it)  

That is the most horrible commercial though!  The crazy's a CARTOON!

Hmmm, lets teach all of our little ones through a commercial song to yank their britches down!! Makes me sick! Not to mention the crude things going on DURING the commercial itself! I can't imagine what the actual show would be like. Don't want to know!

We've voiced to our local Fox...obviously they don't care.

"The Grinch" was right when he told Cindy Lou Who that television was so desensitizing our youth. Anything goes these days...

1 comment:

Michelle Lodeserto said...

Gosh- it's probably going to be even worse when Natalia gets older!