Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its 2 AM! Countdown to incoming family!

Yikes!!! What am I doing up??? Well, I'll tell ya what...

...Finishing my cleaning...Earlier I made chicken salad and fruit for our incoming family! That's right, I said "incoming fam". David's mother, Aunt, sister-in-law and her daughter and son are coming to see us! (Since Jordan and I played today with friends, I had to pay for it later. It was well worth it though! I tend to work better under pressure anyway. =) Jordan was SUCH a big help this evening too!! She is a hard worker!!!)

We are so excited to get our first visit from family since we moved 5 hrs from them. YAY! It has been 1 yr since we moved, and too too long! There have been friends to come visit us, and we have gone home a couple of times too, but this is the first time family has come here. The children are so thrilled to spend time with their cousins, and we are all looking forward to this.

My niece will be singing "Redeemer" for our church on Sunday. She has such a beautiful voice, and I am soooo looking forward to hearing her sing again.

We plan to celebrate Jordan's birthday with the fam while we are together.

Her request for a cake is "Red Velvet" with buttercream icing. This is a first. Usually she wants my home-made chocolate cake with chocolate icing. =)

Last yr we made a tier cake from scratch, and all of her "new" friends of the neighborhood helped decorate it. This yr that won't be happening...unfortunately. It kind of makes me sad to see how things were then, and how much the children all enjoyed one another at this time...

This yr we are only doing a family party. Perhaps we will have a Jordan day too. =) This is where Jordan decides what she would like to do, and for one whole day she makes the rules (within reason, and as long as it is within our budget). Sometimes she will bring one friend along, and sometimes she just wants it to be family.

Either way, she is not picky about having a full blown party. Don't get me wrong, she is the proverbial party girl! Yet she is just as content to be together with family on her birthday too.

I'd better try to get a few hours of sleep at least.

Have a wonderful weekend dear family and friends!


Angela said...

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! (And Redeemer is one of my very favorite songs- how it goes great!!)

Jenn said...

Hi Angela, We had a wonderful time!! I'll post more pics this evening.

I'm so tired though, and I've got to get prepared for school to start back up in the morning. =)

Our niece ended up singing, "Where Joy and Sorrow Meet". Have you heard that one? It was so beautiful and so timely for our church to hear it. What a blessings!