Saturday, August 23, 2008

JJ Heller - Free Album Download

By way of Myspace I've met so many wonderful Christian musicians and songwriters who are so in love with Jesus...and who are so real.

JJ Heller is one of them!

She is fun and sincere about her relationship with the Lord.

Right now she is offering her newest CD completely and fully for free as a download!!! It is called "Painted Red". All of the songs are so beautiful!

It is a christian folk style, and she has the kind of voice that is so pure and true in sound. Most of all, she loves the Lord, and this shows through her passionate lyrics.

Right now she is expecting her first baby, so that is kind of neat too. =) There are many of you blogger moms with young toddlers and babies who will be able to encourage this new mom.

I love to go on youtube to see her studio videos. They are so funny and make me smile. =) Also, they give me hope that someday my dream of recording praise and worship music will come true.

Don't miss out! You will be glad you took hold of this offer!

So check out JJ Heller's website, and add her as a friend from her myspace page. Also, you can check out her youtube videos!

She is also asking that you display her button to let others know about her free download. I many artists out there in general offer their WHOLE CD as a download?!?! What an awesome witness!

Download the album and display! The button is also at the bottom of my opening blog page where you can click to take you to her website. (I tried to put it up closer, but it is so big that it wouldn't fit in the upper right gadgets areas. =)

Be Blessed in Jesus Name!

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Aura said...

I've just started listening to the JJ Heller album. Sounds very nice. I have to figure out how to add the link to my Facebook. I have not done that before.