Friday, August 29, 2008

Photos of Sarah and sweet girl time together...

100_3021, originally uploaded by jennifercreates.

Today Jordan and I had a "girls day" with our friends in a nearby city. It was a much needed break for us, and so uplifting for Jordan especially. She has missed having a friend to play with lately.
(Dad and Josh had a guys day here.)

During our visit, our girls made the moms some funky jewelry...they had fun making funky earrings to give us a little "bling". I'll have a pic of that in my flickr streaming soon. =)

Also while visiting, Martha mentioned wanting some school photos made of her daughter Sarah. Sarah is home-schooled as well, and was a part of our small co-op group last yr.

Their family was out of town when Drea took our group shots (actually we thought they had moved for good-they went to the International House of Prayer temporarily) . So, I offered to take some photos of Sarah.

Keep in was my slim jim handy dandy Kodak 6.1 mega pixel 10X cam. Of which I am growing more and more frustrated with it because I am craving the professional quality of SLR...

I know..I'm whining once again! Sorry about that...hehe.




jaime pott photography said...

What an adoreable photo! Very creative!

Andrea said...

I LOOOOOVE that picture at the top! You are really good at this photography stuff! :) Do you homeschool? We are really wanting to homeschool our kids when the time if you do homeschool, I was just curious about what kind of curriculum you use, or how you go about it?

Jenn said...

Hi Jaime and Andrea, and thank you both for the sweet comments!

Andrea, yes I home-school. Last yr was my first yr with a 10 and 11 yr old.

I am going to blog soon about my curriculum. =) You can email me at if you want, and I can email you back more details.


Drea said...

Thats my fav out of the bunch. ow and the one of her dog licking her, is cute 2 :-) but u didnt post that one! lol

Jenn said...

Yeah, I didn't post all of them, but a few for everyone to get a sneak peak.

Thank you for the sweet comments everyone!!! I'm learning/growing in photography, and the main thing is I'm having fun with the art and blessing others in the process too. God is so good!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend! =)