Monday, August 4, 2008

A Great Day to Hang...

It is very sunny today. The perfect day for hanging laundry. This is always when I thank the good Lord for air conditioning because as of right now it is 92 degrees! So it is nice to cool off after hanging.

Laundry Hangin'

Josh's Favorite Shirt

Fruit Hangin'

Kids Hangin'

It was also a great day for the children to hang out with friends to watch their favorite comedian, Tim Hawkins. He is really so funny (remember the "Homeschool Family" video...heehee) and the kids really have enjoyed watching his DVDs. You can catch him on You Tube as well.

Hope your day was full of blessing, even if all you do is "hang". =)


Drea said...

I lik ethe laundry pic. its very fun and artsy

Jenn said...

hehe, thanks!

Just need better lenses...God will make a way!