Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun with the Gilbreaths!

Josh, Eden and Jordan, originally uploaded by jennifercreates.

Today we had a wonderful day with our friend Angela and her sweet daughter Eden. We visited at her home with her animals, picked vegetables, and even talked music!

Then we drove to the home of her church members to check out the animals. You can view more photos HERE.

We had such a fun day! What a blessing! But Angela...after shooting more with your Canon...and after I've already shot with Drea's...I'm totally diggin' the SLR. Looks like that will be on my Christmas List this yr!



Drea said...

fun :-) SLR is the way to go!

Jenn said...

yeah, after using yours and Kodak is rly draggin' me down...I want FASTER!...HA!...

jaime pott photography said...

oh yeah SLR all the way!!!

Jenn said...

Definitely! Although, my Kodak pro cam didn't do toooo bad...all of these photos from this day that I posted on flickr, were taken with my Kodak P850.

But after taking a few with Drea and Angela's SLR...I got bit with the SLR bug! =) Will be on my Christmas list! hehe