Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feeling Blah!

Today Jordan and I both woke up with stomach bugs...yukko! It is like the bad headache, nausea...for Jordan she had the vomiting...I had the other..."D"...

Anyway, not a pleasant feeling!

Thankfully David and Josh are feeling fine. David preached this evening at our friend's church here in town, and he said it went wonderful!

Josh had a friend to visit us this weekend. We met his mother halfway on Friday to pick him up. At first he wanted to spend the rest of the summer with us, but day 2 into being with us he got really homesick. Last night he cried a couple of broke my heart! His father ended up driving here this morning early to pick him up. It was probably for the best since Jordan and I became sick all about the same time!

Only, Josh was pretty sad that his buddy was leaving. They have been best friends since kindergarten and had attended the same school together back in western NC. Their family moved to the southeast part of NC about the same time we moved to the northeast part. So, both boys have been very homesick for their friends and family back home. They did have a fun time during his visit, even though it was cut a little short. I have some cute photos of the boys that I'll post tomorrow...right now I need sleeeep!

It was just a strange weekend.

I'm looking forward to a productive week this upcoming. I've got a lot of cleaning out and clearing out to do here...more simplifying. =) We really need to have a yard sale next weekend! Not sure if I can pull it together for next weekend though.


Kalle said...

I hope you feel better soon. I always think being under the weather in the summer seems harder than in the winter. All the best this week. Yay for yardsales - so much fun.

Jenn said...


I know what you is much easier to curl up in a nice warm blanket in the winter. =)

I'm doing much better this evening. Having a hard time shaking the queasy feeling completely, but much much better!

Wish I could say the queasy feeling was from being pregnant...but unfortunately I don't have the equipment for making a baby anymore. =(

Hope you have a very blessed week! =)) Thank you for stopping by.