Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friends Come to Play!

Today we had our friends over! YAY! We love it when friends come by and hang out with us...

Drea came with Caleb and Taite. They played dance dance revolution, while I cheered them on. (I'm not as coordinated-hehe) Jordan and Josh had such a great time with them all. I think they enjoyed playing the video game with Drea the best!

After lunch, and more dancing, we went outside with Jordan's home-made popsicles. =)

Here are a few pics that I took while they were here with us. These were taken with Kodak P850. =)

Caleb on drums

Josh and Burger playing the ring game. It is a game where you swing a metal ring that is dangling from a fishing line, and you try to get it on the hook at the opposite end of the carport.

Jordan and Caleb with Slap the cat

Taite kissing Slap the cat

My Josh!

It was a great day! And just an hour ago, Drea's family came and took Jordan and Josh bike-riding with them! We so appreciate them spending time with our children.


Andrea said...

How fun! Friends rock...that's for sure! :) I love that your cat's name is Slap! haha...that is great!

Jenn said...

Hehe, he is actually our neighbors cat. He thinks he is our cat too. Really cute and sweet cat!

But they named him slap because he would always swat his paws at them when he was a kitten. =)

jaime pott photography said...

These are so cute. Love the drums. Caleb looks like he is having alot of fun!

Aura said...

Where did the name Slap come from? My kitty looks a lot like yours except she does not have a complete tail. She's a Manx and therefore has a stump. Oh, I got my answer about the name. Caleb looks so cool and enjoying the drums.