Sunday, August 24, 2008

God Making Opportunities Through Myspace

Ok...Many months ago I did something I said I would never do...which is join Myspace. :o)

I've always been a little fearful of joining due to all of the stigma attached to it from the media...all the things you hear of bad stuff that goes on there. And there is bad stuff on there (and everywhere for that matter), and for that reason I do not allow our children to explore on Myspace. (Our computer laptop stays on our kitchen table, where it is completely supervised. The only places I explore are in the areas of christian music.)

Yet as I prayed about it, God put it on my heart that I must not be driven by fear, but be driven by truth of sharing the love of take His light into the dark places. I figure whomever comes to my page, especially those who do not know Christ, will see Christ reflected on my profile.

So, after a fellow ministry (WFI Ministries) invited me to see their page on Myspace, I prayerfully decided to join. Here is the link to my page if you want to see it and haven't already: Click here for my MySpace Page!

Anyway, I said all that to say...Through Myspace God has so opened doors in ministry opportunities for me that I never thought it would. I've been able to encourage many youth for Christ from our churches back home, as well as friends and family members too. I've met some wonderful christian artists....worship leaders....singers and songwriters who have been of great encouragement. One of them being Andy Rogers.

Not too long ago he polled for advise on his recent 20-20 praise and worship CD project called "Mercy Tracks Me Down".
I participated, and it appears that he will be crediting me (and others who participated) on his album! This is exciting and so neat how God works!!

Here is his recent email to me:

from Andy Rogers
to Jennifer Kent
date Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 7:50 PM
subject Jennifer, get your name in the credits of the new album...
Aug 20 (3 days ago)


Hi Jennifer

Hello from a very wet Northern Ireland. Just the other day,
in our Irish summer, we had 3 weeks of rainfall in 12 hours
- many places ground to a halt with flooding!

Anyways, undeterred here in the 'lab' I wanted to write a
quick note to tell you that I'm about to press the 'go
button' on the new studio album launch but I want to
include your name on the project if you're interested.

Let me explain.

The album title is 'Mercy Tracks Me Down'. It's a
collection of worship songs from big guitar driven anthems
to intimate prayers and you'll be able to get it as a
download for instant access as soon as I 'go live' with the

Most of the songs are the final versions of some of the
20-20 project.

Now, if you've been on this mailing list for any time
you'll remember that project last year were I set out to
write 20 songs in 20 weeks simply as a discipline to help
me manage the transition that I had made into the life of a
full-time musician/worship leader.

Well that process went incredibly well as a result of your
feedback along the way and I want to credit everyone who
helped shape those songs. Maybe you left a comment on the
blog, or you sent me an email or you simply listened to
those early rough drafts, all of that was incredibly
helpful so here's what I need you to do.

Go to this blog post
and in the comments section leave me your name and, if you
want, a web link - it could be your website, your myspace
profile or your blog etc and I'll include you in the
credits section of the album download and on a special
credits page on my site.

Not only will your name appear in the credits but you
should get some additional visitors to your page - it's

However there's a deadline, I need you to do that before
next Monday (25th August) if I'm going to be able to add
you to the credits.

Cheers - Andy


Andy Rogers
N. Ireland BT52 1JB
United Kingdom

Needless to say...I am pretty STOKED!! Isn't God the God of unexpected surprises? =) I think so!

This is so inspiring me to continue moving forward with my dream of leading corporate praise and worship, and song-writing.

I hope you will check out Andy's music via Andy Rogers Myspace. He is a real and sincere.


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