Wednesday, August 6, 2008

P.T., Calebs and Burger to the Rescue!

I'm slowly getting the children back into a tighter routine. In the past few weeks, (well since our beach vacation) they had gotten off track from the summer home-schooling that I wanted to keep them on.

They have been playing a lot with the neighborhood kids. Josh doesn't seem to be having good luck with the boys in our neighborhood. He tries to include everyone and just have fun, but some of them like to take the crowd and gang up on one kid. I think since we are pretty much the new kids on the block, Josh is chosen as the one to be picked on. He is good about walking away (he does have a pouting issue we deal with), yet it really bothers him because he so would like to have good christian friends that he can hang with. Or even friends that would not be flat out mean! He has been praying for just one good friend...and he did meet someone, but he lives across town and it is hard getting them together.

It is a good lesson though. We are able to talk about how Jesus is our number one...and He will never let us down. He was persecuted, yet he spoke not a word. And we talked about how our purpose on earth is more than just making a bunch of friends, but about loving others with the love of Christ. Sometimes this is real hard thing to do... love those who are unlovable or who are spiteful and mistreat.

Jordan on the other hand is such a loner, and just enjoys a good book or hanging with me for the most part. She does not like getting caught up in the clicks that some girls tend to form. She can play... then if no one wants to play with her she finds herself a good book.

Today she is spending time with a friend in the neighborhood who she doesn't get to see often because she lives several streets over. She was also invited to swim at the local Country Club. Which was a nice treat! This will be her first time getting to go there!

Josh has been hangin with me most of the day, and been a bit mopey. To get his mind off of his troubles, we have been creating fun videos together...we have a blast doing this! It was something creative for him to keep him attention on.

While we were working on a vid, he looked up and saw Pastor Travis ride by with the boys attached to his bike! hehe. So, Josh got his bike out and rode with them.

Afterwards, P.T. invited Josh to come play with Caleb and Taite B. Now, Josh is much older, but he so loves these little guys, and he really looks up to P.T.! It was a real blessing for Josh to spend time with them.

Here are some photos...

Getting Ready to Ride

Burger Looks Hot! It is 95 degrees here!!

Off They Go!! Thanks Pastor T.


3 for Me!! said...

I actually saw Josh "in action" with the boys.... it looked like he had a good time:) What fun to have a little man that enjoys spending time with all ages:)

Jenn said...

Yes, he had a great time!

: )

Drea said...

awe! cute pics. I love how he has my pink bike and purple bike lock, HEHE

Travis said...

You're welcome, we all had fun. Next time I'll let you just a pic of the kids.. yuck!

Jenn said...

Yeah...I didn't notice the pink bike until after I uploaded the photos...hehe, sometimes I'm oblivious!