Monday, September 1, 2008

Well, I'm Back and They're Gone =(

We had a wonderful visit with our family this weekend! They headed back early because our niece has a volley ball game, and our nephew has football practice.

It went by way too fast, as always time flies when we are having fun, Jordan and Josh are so sad their cousins have left. They laughed and cut up and just had a ball together. =)

I'll blog more later (I have lots of photos to upload from our visit and from celebrating Jordan's birthday with family), right now we need to take our car for the brakes to be fixed. We found one place open on Labor Day. We've got to fix them today because David begins a chaplain residency at a hospital about 35 mins away. The brakes on his car went out on him last week...grinding horribly!

Sorry I've been out of touch, but our weekend was busy and I did not want to take away from any of our times together.

Blessings to you all! Jenn

Our Family on the waterfront


3 for Me!! said...

WoW!! You sure had a CROWD!! What fun!! Glad you were able to spend time with your family especially before David's schooling begins:)

Drea said...

awe cute pic! i like jordans shirt. looks like you all had fun :-)

Andrea said...

i'm glad you had such a great weekend!! Great pic too...

Jenn said...

Thank you all! =)