Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sun Protection Zone has my back!

When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time at the beaches in Florida. My father had a beach house and we would spend 2 weeks out of the summer with him....sometimes we would stay a whole month because my grandparents would be there too. Since my grandfather and father worked in the citrus harvesting business together, the beach house was very necessary for when they would travel further south to supervise the crews in that area. They would stay there for several months at a time.

I have to say that I enjoyed the beaches very much and have fond memories of those times swimming in the ocean.

The downside to that is...I have very fair skin. Therefore the sun was not my friend. Back then we did not have a lot of information on how to protect our skin, nor did we know as much about the harmful effects that the sun's rays can have on our skin...short term, and long term.

Do you have fair skin? Or do you have a child with fair skin? Do you want to protect your skin no matter what, even if you have the beautiful olive skin that tans?

Unfortunately my daughter has inherited my fair skin. It is so wild how one child can have the beautiful skin that tans so easily, and one have the kind like mine...where it turns red, then white again. Of course, we now have learned that ALL skin types need sun protection.

Have you ever experienced the kind of sunburn that keeps one from sleep? I've been there myself...AND most every summer with my daughter. It is the most horrific thing because as a parent of a child going through the pain, you feel helpless! I would drive to and from the pharmacy to purchase every anti-itch/pain relieving cream, spray, what-have-you, possible short of an emergency room visit for the shot! I've cried through the night with my daughter, because at a certain point all you can do is cry with them.

We have tried everything to prevent...even the 70 SPF's, putting t-shirts over swimsuits, everything! She loves the sun and water so much. It is hard to keep her away completely. Even with all of my efforts of trying different lotions that are waterproof...applying and reapplying... she still ends up with a horrible burn on her back during the summertime. Can anyone relate?

Through a sister blogger I found out about a neat company in sunny Cypress, CA called Sun Protection Zone. They have wonderful products for all ages! The sun protective shirt caught my eye, and my daughter's as well with the cool tropical pattern.

The fabric actually has a sun protection factor of 100% and UPF of 50+. I thought...WOW! I've got to give this a try! Why not, I've tried everything else!

You may be asking what the heck is UPF? Well...I asked myself that too! "The UPF rating indicates how effective a fabric is at blocking out solar ultraviolet radiation. UPF is the SPF equivalent for UV clothing and UPF50 is the highest rating one can get."

My daughter tried the sun protection shirt several times over the past weeks, and it is so amazing!!! She did not even turn pink on her skin where the shirt covered her, like she usually does when she swims in clothing.

Now I KNOW there is a difference between just putting a t-shirt on her. I could never figure out why she would still get a burn, even with a t-shirt on. The fabric in her new sun protection shirt is called "SunSkinz", and is tightly woven with proprietary high-density yarn. It is a 4-way stretch fabric that is so comfortable, light weight, dries quickly and stands up well to chlorine and salt water. Which is really cool for us because we live very near to the ocean.

My daughter LOVES her new "cool" sun shirt! She enjoys wearing it so much too because she looks like a little surfer girl in it.

This product has solved a HUGE problem for us because my daughter's most prone area to be burned is her shoulders and upper back. You know how when you go to the ocean, and stay in the water, the sun beats down on the shoulders and upper back because that is the area most exposed to the sun? The sun is like a magnet to those areas. We are so pleased with the results.

Not only will this be good for using while in the water, but when we go on field trips or outside events...even when it is overcast you can still get a burn. It will be great to have this kind of protection all year round.

I'm going to let my friends and family know about this great product. Especially for my new baby niece who lives in Florida...the Sunshine State!


Stacey said...

Now that is cool! I love the fun prints, and the fact that she is protected from the sun is great!

My kids are also very fair, with the red hair and all :) I'll have to check this out!

You know, it probably helps with the whole modesty issue too. No need to decide on a two piece or one piece bathing suit.

Angela said...

That is really a great idea! I also have fair skin that had been burned several times as a child. In my teens, I even rubbed oil on my skin to get a tan and foolishly tanned/burned/tanned/burned many a time. I got smart when I hit 20 and became very cautious about sun protection. But it was a bit too late. I've already had several moles removed- one which was positive for early stages of cancer cell changes. My oldest daugher inherited my husbands olive skin. Even when we slather 50 on them, they tan like crazy- but never burn. My younger 2 ended up with my skin, but fortunately for us, no one has burned yet. We've been lucky!! Your daughter looks so cute and schnazzy in her adorable top!

Jenn said...

Thank you both! She really loves this cool shirt!

And Stacey, you are right, it does take the guess work out of modesty. These swim shirts are the craze right now too. Fortunately Jordan is even more modest than I, if that is possible. She would never wear a 2 -piece suit. I'm really so thankful that I didn't have to pound that into her head! She is so modest...about shorts (usually wears peddle pushers) and everything. Thank you Lord! =)

Angela, I am so glad you have not had to go through it. If I were to do it all over again and had known about this company, I'd probably do the infant suits that they sell...then I wouldn't have to do so much applying and re-applying...except to the faces, ears and scalp...although they do have cute hates too. =)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed day.