Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday was a is my haircut tho!

Well, yesterday the oven caught on fire yesterday. Pretty scary...the inside was flaming and would not stop. Thankfully I had already taken the biscuits out, or that would have caught fire too!

I was a bit out of my element (no pun intended-b/c the element of the oven is what caught fire) as we are staying with my mother-in -law and she was already at work.

So I called 911, then called my mother in law to find out where the breaker box was located. This house is very old, and there are 2 breaker boxes. Needless to say, the flip switches were mismarked as I was flipping all the wrong switches, and even the "main" switch was not marked properly...meanwhile the fire is still picking up speed!

The fire dept came....three roaring vehicles, about 12 men...I mean, in this small town they jump at the opportunity to fight a fire! lol.

It scared us pretty bad because the oven sets in the wall, and I could not tell if the fire was going through the walls and cabinet.

So my brother-in-law shows up, and DUH he turns off every switch...and got all the power off...even the firemen didn't do THAT and even they couldn't figure out the breaker boxes...after the power was off, it was like the fire went out...POOF!

All is well and the fire stayed contained in the oven. The top element had shorted out or burned out. Still a lil' scary!

That was get to be pampered by my home hairdresser! She is so talented and very "with it". I can't wait to get my hair cut. I'll not be able to post pics until later...unless I can get them uploaded on here. I'll try, but it is a little more complicated on this computer than mine for some reason. I guess I am just more used to a MAC.

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Drea said...

cant wait 2 see ur hair!
I got mine cut but wasnt brave enough to chop it off.
I like it tho. lots of layers!!