Monday, September 8, 2008

Manic Monday

We are back in full home-school mode. Here is the curriculum we are using this year:


Singapore Math

Shurley English Grammar by Brenda Shurley

Writing Strands

Spelling- The Spelling Workout. (Although Spell to Write and Read looks quite interesting and I may move the children to this when we finish up Spelling E...they are only a few lessons shy of finishing... The video is demonstrating for younger children, but I've read review for grades 3 and up this is supposed to be outstanding! Click here for more information on it)

Robin Hood

Latina Christiana


Music - Jordan and Josh are both taking piano, and Josh is self teaching the drums
Early Composers

For now we are using Abeka Science, History and Geography. After next week our books should come for the below, and I will switch out and begin these:

History - The Story of the World

Apologia Elemenary Science - Botany

Our school started back on Tues, Sept 2nd, but today was our "official" Monday morning of school. Actually, we are home-schooling in our hometown which is 5 hrs from our home in eastern NC.

We are visiting family this week. We originally came in for our nephew's birthday, and to escape tropical storm Hanna, (which did not turn out to be too threatening of a storm for our area).

My husband had to stay to fair it because all of the chaplains were on stand by for the weekend...something called "code yellow". He said we did lose power for a few hours, and one of our neighbor's trees blew over onto their house.

You can never be too careful with these storms though. I am originally from FL and have been through a lot of storms in my lifetime. So I know that tropical storms and hurricanes can turn/change direction, weaken or strengthen, all in a matter of hours. =) Extra precautions are always better than no precautions.

We have enjoyed being home visiting family and friends. Originally we planned to return next Sunday, but we are thinking about driving back next Monday. We drove here on a Friday and the children did quite well home-schooling in the car. =)

I can't put it off returning too long because I've got to get pack to begin packing up our home! (Also I miss my husband and he misses us!)

On Nov 1st we are relocating to a nearby larger city where husband is doing his chaplain residency at a hospital there. God has led us to some wonderful apartments across the street from the hospital. This will save us so much on gas because he will be able to walk to work every day. We are even considering selling my car. I think we can get by with one vehicle. He may actually be doing a supervisory program after his residency. If he does this, we will be there for 2 yr.

The only reason why we would keep my car, is for when he fills in and preaches at other various churches in surrounding counties, I would still be able to drive with our children to attend our regular church.

We are praying about what to do about the car.

Our ministry has always been a mini-evangelism type. I do feel it is important to be along side him wherever he is serving, even if for only one Sunday. Most of the time we are asked if we sing, and usually we sing together during the service too. Yet the flip side is I also do not like our family to be taken away from the commitment to our home church either...

So...pray with me about what I should do about that, and what we should do about the car. I desire to be obedient to God.

Have a blessed week!


Angela said...

WOW! Relocating! That is some big news. What a blessing you are to your husband to be his encourager and supporter and willing to go where life calls the both of you. That is wonderful. I hope that you had a good visit to your hometown and that you are able to get a good start on your packing back at home!

Jenn said...

Thank you!

I'm dreading the packing, but it is always nice to simplify. Moving is definitely good for that!


Thank you for the encouragement too. I've got a curriculum I'm going to email you about soon to see what you think about it. Perhaps your Aunt can give us her thoughts on it too.