Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday With Friends; A Little Under the Weather

Yesterday we spent the day with some friends from the small town we recently moved from. It was a pastor's wife and her 4 children...she has 5, but one of them attends a christian academy here where we live now. So, when she brought her oldest son to school, she picked us up to spend the day with them.

We all worked together to make pumpkin bread for their church members (and a few for ourselves to enjoy too-YUM!). ;) Our children got some good quality time with their children too. The mom and I gave each other therapy...haha!

J and J enjoyed it soooo very much tho. We made about 35 mini-loaves in all. My job was chopping nuts...and let me tell you that I love to chop...very therapeutic if ya know what I mean...hehe You can get a lot of frustration out on those nuts! HA! A lot of joy too. :)

The smell of pumpkin was so fragrant in her home, and it gave us such a feel for the holidays and time of year where those spice smells are so wonderful!

Afterwards, we attended a small bible study group meeting later that evening. Since they had to bring us home...the parents had gotten a baby -sitter so they could do a little christmas shopping. Also they had to pick up their oldest son here from school and ball practice. The son came home with the children and I...and he even went to small group with us and entertained J &J while we had Bible study. He is such a polite young man, and such a great christian role model. He taught J&J to use garageband...(he is quite the musician). Last night late, J&J wrote a Christmas Rap Song. I'll post it for you when they get it completed. :)

Today...hubby is very oldest J has a sore throat...and my little J has congestion...on my way to get hubby from his Dr. apt now. Also, my ear is giving me feels clogged and hurts. Also, I can't hear out of it very well. Sooooo, I go Mon. to the E.N.T. In all of this, I am still so grateful. My husband works in PICU and let me tell you, there are some heart-aches going on there will loses and abused children...D and I just cry together at times when he comes home...makes me so thankful we have a loving and healthy family.

Hope all of you are healthy during this time of year. Blessings!


Andrea said...

I hope you're all feeling MUCH better soon!!!!

Jenn said...

Thank you Andrea. I'm not feeling so well this evening(hope it isn't strep, but feeling much like that)...I'm off to bed. I'm taking a few days off from working on the computer too...but I'll be back in a few days. Just need a break, ya know?

Blessings! And thank you so much for always being so thoughtful and encouraging. :) I appreciate your prayers too!