Wednesday, December 31, 2008

God's Cinderella

Well, I've hit the big day 40 with my 365 challenge.

As I finished hanging portraits today, I was reminded of so many years ago...or it seems so so long ago when I wore this wedding gown! These old age-ed hands of mine prove the years have gone by.


This summer of 09 my husband and I will be married 18 yrs. While it doesn't seem like much time, it really is an accomplishment in comparison to the many marriages that fail these days.

Ours isn't a perfect one. We've had our challenges and growing pains throughout the years...still do. Yet, we've continued to put God first in everything we do. No matter what our feelings tell us.

Sometimes we put ourselves first, and we quickly learn that we begin spirally downward when we forget to put God first.

This not only proves to be true in our married life, but also in our personal lives. When we allow other things to cloud our view of God's plan for each of our lives, things go wrong...and fast!

I sooo loved our wedding day. Everything about it! Especially the flowers that were purple with flowing violets streaming down from my bouquet. I felt like Cinderella...waiting for my prince charming to walk down the isle and meet with me.

God put us together, and even though we don't always see His plan, it unfolds throughout the years of joy, sorrow, pain, happiness and even through times of grief. It all works together, and the journey is a beautiful thing, when we relax and join in with His plan.

In Fairy tales we learn about little girls growing up to be the princess, and prince charming sweeping them off their feet to a land of perfect happiness and forever bliss.

After less than one year of marriage one can learn that fairy tales aren't true with all the "feelings" that go along.

What I have learned. God's love, grace and mercy toward us is the only lasting truth. It is real. We can learn to love God's way. The way 1 Corin. 13 teaches. It is a daily dying to self. Not always easy, and I sure slip up, but each day is a new day to start over.

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