Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's a Monkey's Business, I Can Hang!

Whooo hooooooo!!!

Talk about small things making people happy. Heeheeeeee!

Ok, we have been renting for the past 2 yrs. At our last rental home of almost 2 yrs, we were not able to hang anything on the walls. We tried to hang some things with command strips....a few stuck pretty good...but have you ever been awakened to a loud THUD! Well, we were when the adhesives would break from the wall. I followed the weight guides and directions. Yet for some reason a few of the adhesives on the larger items would be duds or something.

So we move here to our new apartments a few months ago. Guess what...white walls. UGH! I'm one of these creative types that if I do not get color in my life, I go NUTSO! Like...toward the end of winter...I'm almost in a depression funk from not seeing beautiful green and flowers!

Originally when we looked at the model apt with the "assistant" mgr, she had told us that we could paint, but NO holes...nails...nothing on the walls except command strips. If we painted, we would have to repaint with white primer when we moved. David and I just did not see the sense in spending the extra money to paint. Then have to spend to paint back over when we move.

We resolved to living with white walls cuz hey, it's only for a yr while he does his residency. Yet for me...it is like living in a cave.... That's just me though!

Well, my husband had seen this commercial for something called Hercules Hooks. He told me all about them and wondered if we could use them. Our local Lowe's Hardware has the same thing, but they're called Monkey Hooks! Much more affordable too! I got one pack of (4 hooks) for $2.97. Monkey Hooks claim to hold 35 lbs...but I think they could actually hold more weight!

Today I had planned to clean most of the afternoon. As I was cleaning, I came across the Monkey Hooks I had bought. So I called the office of our apts...I always like to ask first before doing things. I've never thought it right to just go and alter a place that doesn't belong to me, and then play innocent and act like I didn't know...ya know??? lol. Anyway, I call, and the MANAGER answers. I said to her, "I realize the rules are no holes for hanging...but..." and before I could continue she was like chuckling and saying...no holes??? Who told you that??? Well, the assist manager had told BOTH David and I TWICE. When we signed our contract we asked again, and she said nope again. The Manager said...you may hang anything you like!!!

YEAH!!!!!!! I pulled every portrait and painting out...didn't even get the house cleaned because I was going room to room trying to figure out what I wanted to hang where. hehe.

This painting below is one I put up in the kitchen. It is actually much bigger than it appears in the shot. (I took this photo for my 365 challenge). My sister painted this floral in oils when she was 11 or 12 yrs old. She is now 45...i think.

Artists run in my family. My mom is also very gifted in making baskets and interior design. My sister could have been an amazing painter...selling her paintings for a nice price(some of her work when she was an older teen is so beautiful!), but she has no desire to pick up a brush at the moment. I hope someday she will again! I can just see her selling paintings in key west...all her beautiful ocean scenes. :)


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