Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Too Pretty; 365 Resuming...;RANT

365 resuming...

In more ways than one! If you choose to read further, just realize I've had it up to my ears lately and I am on about 3 medicines for all this crud!!! You should also know on my list of new yrs resolutions is to let these kinds of petty things roll off my back, and stay off!


My mother in law always says, "Pretty is as pretty does". Well, I does NOT be TOO PRETTY right now! Been SICK over the Christmas holidays! Still battling it!

I've been away from my 365 challenge for a couple of weeks now. I took some reflective time off and have realized that this is something I really need to finish. Also, that I need to once and for all get comfortable in my skin. I'm not here for people to say, pretty you are...The compliments are nice, but if I am only here for the compliments, then I need to rethink this whole thing again.

Fever blisters...yeah, nasty things I have always gotten since as a child. Passed down from my mother as she still gets them too! Any time I would get sunburned, sick, or extremely stressed, one or two would always crop up. Believe me, I've tried everything to get rid of them...but still open for suggestions. If you offer a suggestion and I have tried it, I will just kindly reply...done that. :)

Currently I have two of the three causes of mine going on...hence I have a multiple case of them....I've been sick with some kind of crud like flu and coughing my head off for a couple of weeks, and I am extremely stressed and quite honestly a bit testy too!

Let me just say I have ZERO tolerance for immaturity! So I'm taking a BIG break from stressors in my life. Including some people who do nothing but like to stir the pot and be ugly toward me or my family to create more stress in my life! That may not be too "Christ-like" in some Christian's eye. Yet, I believe that I can forgive without having to subject to these kinds of people being directly in my life bringing me down.

With that being said...whomever is reading this blog, you know who you are:
For the person who accuses others of digs, when it is them doing the know who you are!! If you are rude, extremely overly sensative and jump to conclusions...(give digs in other website threads)...again, you know who you are. If you constantly have to be flattered, take full credit, be complimented....while subtly and underhandedly slighting someone else's work in the process to make yourself feel superior...then you know who you are! If you are a friend or family member who likes to cause people to squirm with your words and controlling nature...again, you know who you are! If you take pleasure in degrading others with a rude degrading glance, ignoring them because you are just tooo good to talk to them, using mean words, or otherwise in other ways because of their weight, looks, behavior, talents, or just because they are there and you claim that is your twisted way of loving those close to you or helping them...then know who you are.

I realize that some folks are just plain immature MOST of the time (even if they are much older or much younger than) and need to GROW UP and quit thinking the world revolves around THEM and everything THEY do or think should be done in whatever way they think!!!

When you've had it, your done! Nuff said! Rant is soon over! (by the way if you are new to my blog, I have a rant about quarterly...unless needed sooner...a blog is also for ranting! Is it not?) After the new yr, I hope to be a better person than I am today. Today, I'm not so good! Actually I hope to be a better person in about 5 mins when I log off and put this all behind me!

I'm sick AND tired of being accused of words I did not say and things I did not do!!! And getting accused of putting words in others mouth.... when this is NOT the case! It is actually the OTHER way around!!! ...

"Some people" just cannot take constructive critiquing at ALL in any part of their lives. They think what they do is perfect or the right way ALL the time, and have to be told so ALL the time that what they do is astounding! Otherwise they get highly offended for no reason at all. They look for reasons to get offended!

I'm the first to say that I have plenty of room to grow...spiritually, creatively and otherwise!

So if anyone wants to label me after reading this rant, than go right ahead...if you think this is about you, then perhaps it is this time! If the shoe fits, then have a heart ck as we all need to do from time to time, then work it out with the Lord.

Side-note Suggestion that I take for myself FIRST:
As you judge me, while you are at it, take a good hard look in the mirror at YOURSELF too! Believe me, I am the first to say that I am NOT perfect! Obviously...if I thought I was so perfect...I'd be typing a sweet and perfect happy go lucky blog right now, instead of expressing how I really feel-feel like biting the head of a nail off!!!

Gossip separates the best of friends and family! We will never be perfect until Jesus comes. The people who claim they never gossip are liars... to that person they are telling this to, AND most of all to themselves! -jennography

Come quickly Lord!...


Kalle said...

Rant on Jenn. :-) Blogs are definitely for ranting too. I hope you feel better soon and have better days ahead.

Jenn said...

I feel better all ready! Getting it off my chest helps. Thanks. :-)

Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

Whoops..I mean "already"...told ya I was a little under the weather...hehe. Have a grea day!