Monday, December 15, 2008

Noise and REM

Ok, I've been reading further about ISO and noise in The Pioneer Woman Photography blog (which by the way is an excellent study and resourse), who mentions that the new thing now is actually photoshop actions which PUT the noise/grain into photos. Interesting...

So hey, guess I'm in style now with my Kodak ISO 400, it does a great job of putting its own noise in there!

Here is a photo where I degrained my noise, and enhanced a bit with color and contrast. Still a little noise-y even so when I zoom in...but hey, we are dealing with a high tech p&s here! LOL!


Here is one that I enhanced the noise with an action in GIMP.

I actually like what it did to the helicopter, but I'm such a sucker for a beautiful clear sky that I don't much think I would use the noise in this normally for looks.

A side note...the NOISE of these copters flying in and out...all hours of the night... is one reason D and I don't get our sleep. I mean...just when I'm about to enter into REM takes off or comes in for a happens all hours of the day and night. The hover right over us. One of the "perks" of living near the hospital. ;-/ Mainly, I don't sleep because I begin wanting to pray for whomever is in the helicopter...because usually it is a trauma.

Seriously, there are plenty of good perks in other ways...we need to invest in some earplugs tho. :)


Drea said...

Yea I like the 1st one best :)

Jenn said...

I just can't get used to the noise/grain look.

Although, on NLCP group...there have been some who are showing me very nice vintage looks in b/w using noise.

For landscapes/skies, I don't think I even could use it tho.