Thursday, December 4, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

My new do, and fun girl time!

Once again a shortened cut from my wild and crazy hairdresser back home...and a little help from my friends. ;) Went a little shorter on the bangs. I like!


I just love Diane's cuts because I can go months before needing her to do it again. Which is nice, since I do not usually get back home to Western NC for months!

Thanks Lady Di, I love it!!!


Drea said...

i like this cut better than the last one, very fun. bangs are nice 2.. you can do different things w/ it :-) nice to have a hair dresser you trust 2 go back 2.

3 for Me! said...

I like it too!!! I wish a had a little more edginess to my hair:) Anyway, I never to how to describe how to have my hair cut:) Well see if my sis can help with I see her near Christmas:)

Kalle said...

You look great. This cut really suits you.

Jenn said...

Thanks ladies!

The bangs take a little getting used to, I've not had bangs in many yrs...yet always love every cut she has ever giving me! :) She is the BEST!

Kalle, Your new profile photo is rly cute!