Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Throwback Thursday-Happy New Year 2009!!!

Here are some photos from past New current. Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New Years 1996 (I was pregnant with Jordan here and did not know it):
New Year 1996

(yep, we were pregnant...and didn't know it! What a special new yr to be pregnant with Jordan after the loss of my first child :)
New year 1996

New Years 2007
With Family and Friends. It was our last New Year with our precious GaGa
New Years 2007 4

New Years 2007 3

david and i
New Years 2007 1

david's brother and his wife
New Years 2007 2

New Years 2007  5

New Years 2007 6

New Years 2007 7

New Years 2007

New Years 2007 9

(don't's sparkling grape juice!)
New Years 2007 8

same friends here in 2007 that were from 1996 :)
New Year 2007

New Years 2008
(Husband never lets us take his photo!)
New Year 2008

(we did manage to get his thumb in this one!)
New Year 2008

New Years 2009

New Year 2009 2

New Year 2009 1

New Years 2009 5

Have a Blessed 2009!


3 for Me! said...

Fun.... I love the different years!

Looks like you guys had fun!! I can't wait until my kids can stay up late and ring in the new Year...

Happy New year to you!

Debra said...


What a beautiful bunch of pics! I pray God's richest blessings over you in 2009!

Jenn said...

Thank you ladies! It sure brings back memories to see these past photos. Some happy memories and some bittersweet.