Monday, February 23, 2009

Venturing Out!

This weekend J wanted to venture out and do some small road trips. Our guys went out of town to do something called Passport2Purity...of which I will be writing more on a little later. They left about lunchtime on Sat. So J said...Mom, can we go out and shop?

So we did, and we found her several items for spring.

We piddled around at Goodwill...our favorite store! And, Ross...another favorite! We were out for about 2 hours, and I kept asking her if she was ready to go back, and she kept, I'm feeling great and having fun. She had NO pain while we were out!

Then, last night she went to youth group. I accompanied her, and she did great! She was a little apprehensive about it, yet everyone was so welcoming of her. That helped her feel more at ease.

We have to be extra careful though, because she cannot bend, twist or lift...she is restricted with her physical activity for 6 months! This seems like a long time, but it will go by faster than we think. Until then we must be extra cautious for her 12 fusions to heal properly.

Well, my blog is short today...Josh got his iPod Touch from Fed Ex this morning (he pulled together all of his birthday money to get this thing! - boys and their toys!), and he wants to get it plugged into his itunes to charge...then we are getting onto our school lessons! Thank you Aunt Beth for ordering it for us! He wants to give a special thanks to Uncle Doug, Aunt Beth, Grandpa Roger and Nana for the money towards it for his birthday!

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!

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