Monday, February 9, 2009

Brainpop- Thanks Cindalu

Hey, so my friend Cindy told me about this neat online program called Brainpop. It can be used as online school, home-school, or fun additional work for public schoolers and home-schoolers.

For home-school Math, I tend to like Teaching Textbooks for Math. Right now we are using Singapore Math, but hope to switch over to Teaching Textbooks Math in the near future...when we can afford to!

If I were to choose a full curriculum online, I'd probably go with the Time4learning program. Once we are able to do this financially, I'll probably go with these online programs. The other issue with Teaching Textbooks...All the product except Math5, Math6 and Math7 are MAC-compatible, however if you use Windows on your MAC they can be run on a MAC as well. They are working on grades 5-7 becoming Mac compatible (these are the grades I need though!)

However, I do think Brainpop is cool additional fun for those who prefer other curriculum. There is a bit of cost involved with it too. Compared to other online curriculum, it is very reasonable.

Perhaps someone out there may like using Brainpop full time too. :)


Oh, and if you know of other great and inexpensive online home-school or educational sites, please do share in comments. :) Thanks!

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