Friday, February 20, 2009

This is Long; Celebrating Our Boy!

Hey, this may take a moment for all the photos to download. :) Enjoy!

Celebrating our Son!

Sorry for the low resolution...they scanned quicker this way. Also, I am posting medium and hopefully they will download quicker for viewing. ;)

Bubb, the day you were born we were so thrilled! Daddy got his boy!

bubb birth
you and proud sissy

bubb dad and sissy
Proud Daddy...and sis was so happy to have you "brodder"

bubb's birth/ nanas
A couple of proud Nana's too!

bubb with uncle and aunt
Proud Uncle and Aunt

Here are a few photos through the years. Family...I just couldn't post all, so I put a few of family and a few of friends. Josh's photo album got damaged by heat in I lost a lot of photos. So until I can go through negatives and get everything reprinted...which will be a huge project someday when I am old and gray! I apologize for some of you being left out.

Here are some birthdays in past, and a few from more present... Also a few random photos mixed in. Enjoy!!

Bubb, your first birthday photos were mixed up with another's photos...I got someone elses and someone got ours. I used to mail my rolls of film (before the day of digitals) into a mail in processor...and I cried and cried because I had NO pictures of your very first birthday. are some from 2nd, 3rd, 5th...then 10th and 11th birthday with some randomness. :)

I did find this of you at 1 yr old
bubb as boss
Bubb the boss! 1 yr old. You loved John Deere trucks and Nana Bonnie always came from FL bearing gifts!

bubb 2nd b-day
At your 2nd b-day I was so so sick. I had planned a big party for you, and could not lift my head to come. So daddy took care of everything, and nana filled in as mom. My friend took video for me, and I cried again...2nd birthday!!! That is 2 of your first b-day's where I cried. :) But things got better from 3 on. :)))

bubb 2nd b-day2
another pic of your 2nd b-day

bubb 2nd b-day 4
2nd b-day

bubb 3rd b-day 1
3rd B-day, got to be there!! To the left is one of my best friends and your favorite preschool teacher Ms. Angie. :)

bubb 3rd b-day 2
3rd b-day Your cousin, you and sissy

bubb b-day thomas train
5 yrs old Thomas the train ride

bubb thomas b-day 2

bubb thomas b-day 3

bubb 10th b-day
Your 10th Birthday

bubb 10 b-day
10th b-day with friends

bubb's 11 b-day steak
11th Birthday. Last night Dad grilled the Bubb a birthday T-bone!

Birthday T-Bone Heaven!!

bubb 11 b-day like father like son
Like Father Like Son - 11th B-day

Random Photos of Josh...

With Friends:

bubb and friend1

bubb and friend2

bubb and friend3

bubb friends4
With new friend. :)

With new friend Burger

More Random Photos...

bubb as baby jesus
Bubb as Baby Jesus in the cousins play

bubb and nana bonnie
with Nana...I love the expression on your face here!

bubb's visiting aunt beth's in FL
At Aunt Beth's in FL

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