Friday, February 27, 2009

Sleep Study for J

While J was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for two days, the attending physician shared concern for her breathing patterns.   On many occasions her oxygen levels dropped significantly, and we would have a time getting them back up.  

Some of this was due to her lower left lung deflating issues post surgery, as well as coming off of so much general anesthesia.  She was holding her breath, and breathing so irregularly.  

The Doc. asked if she did this at home.  We told him that lately we have noticed her snoring more often, and she does hold her breath at times.  Honestly, she does most of this after we have all gone to sleep, and she gets in that deep sleep.  When I get up in the night (because a bear is keeping me up with his snoring, I would hear her at times.)

Tonight is her sleep study, and we will know for certain if it is sleep apnea, or something else...or nothing at all. :)  We are praying for the "nothing at all".    Yet, if it is something, we want to do whatever we can to get her the help she needs.  

David and I are also going to have sleep studies done.  We both hold our breath in the night, and David snores well as holds his breath, and does this weird he is being strangled.  All during the night I am hitting him to breath.  So, needless to say, I'm not sleeping to even breath irregular myself, because I'm laying there listening to make sure he is going to breath! lol!  

So, we'll see how tonight goes.  :-D

One parent must accompany her...that will be me...(since I don't tend to snore.  ;)  Well, I do snore at times...  

I was told that the sleep study rooms are set up like hotel rooms.  There is a TV with basic cable, and I think we have our own bathroom.  We can bring ipods, cell phones, games, etc.   There is a refrigerator for light snacks or drinks.  Lights out by midnight. :)


Bundleboo MaMa said...

So when is "move in day" at the kidding. I am praying that your family can catch a break soon from all of the health issues your family is going thru. Although I can clearly see that God had his hands on your daughter thru her surgery and recovery. HUGS!

Jenn said...

Seriously...I'm over it for sure!!!

It is nice that since we have to go through all of this stuff, that we at least live close to the hospital!

We just got the bill for J's surgery...a whopping $139,000.00. Yeah...that many zeros! That isn't even including the surgeon's separate fees for the use of his add another $23,000.00 onto that!

Thankfully we have insurance, but we will still have to pay a good portion of it! For us, it is a lot of money! That is a whole other!