Sunday, February 8, 2009

Healing Takes Time; Hearing from Friends

J is still very slow moving. She is entering her 3rd week post op, and getting a little frustrated because she is still having a considerable amount of back pain.

I keep reminding her of how well she is doing! She is able to go longer amounts without her back pain. (such as not waking in the middle of the night needing it for her next early am dosage)

We did cut her back to 1 pain pill every 6-8 hrs, and she has been able to go longer without taking one. So, even though it seems like her pain is going on and on, it is really improving I believe.

Yesterday some friends from the previous city we lived in came for a visit and to pray for J. They brought her a cardinal bird Webkins, which she is sooo enjoying! She loves how the animated online version actually flies around. :)

She also heard from one of her best friends last week from back home. This really cheered her up to receive an email from her.

Hope you are all having a beautiful Sunday.

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