Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stomach Pains

Well, I'll start out with some GOOD news! Jordan slept through the night without getting up ONCE for pain meds. or to pee! :)

However, at 5:30 am, she woke up needing pain meds. Right after giving her the pain pill, she began having an itch attack on her back. (I think it is from her back doing so much healing...or it could even be from the tape adhesives drying her skin out.)

So, I gave her an anti-itch pill. Within 30 mins after that, she felt sick on her stomach. She had stomach pains and nausea. I'm thinking it could be from taking the pills on an empty stomach. Yet, she has done this many times during the night when needing a pain pill or anti-itch pill, and it never made her sick before. Also, I'm not ruling out the dreaded menstrual cramps. The day after Christmas she "started" and hasn't had another since her surgery. So....it could very well be this too.

I finally got her settled downstairs in our chair and 1/2 recliner...with pillows behind her and all around her. It is 7:15ish and she has finally drifted back to sleep, after 2 hrs of going back and forth to the bathroom feeling sick with stomach pains. I'm so glad she is resting now...bless her little heart!

She is really getting around well though, but I have still noticed her breathing to be a little short and choppy at times. I'm looking forward to seeing what the sleep study results will show.

Ut Oh, she is moving and moaning...better go check on her...


cindy said...

Hi, Jenn! I recently found your blog and am enjoying it very much. My 13 yr old daughter has scoliosis, has been wearing a brace for a little over a year now, but the curve has progressed anyway. So far her dr. says we aren't looking at surgery, right now her curves are 28 lower and 38 upper. I was just wondering, since you mentioned Keep it Gypsie in Fort Smith, if you are anywhere near that area? You can email me at wade_cindyj@yahoo.com.

Jenn said...

Hmmm, I don't recall mentioning "Keep it Gypsie" in Fort Smith.

Where is that? I'll have to google that one...I'm terrible with directions. lol! We are in eastern NC in the inner banks.

Welcome to my blog though, and thank you for commenting. :) I'll email from our yahoo acct soon.

Blessings, jenn

Jenn said...

Cindy, By they way, how do I get to where I can view your blog?

Thanks, Jenn

cindy said...

Hey, Jenn - You posted on 10/31/08 about the preemies needing prayer and help, and the address was for the shop in Fort Smith, AR. I live near there, I was just curious. I recently found yours (a link from a link on Big Mama's) and I was reading older posts to find out about your daughter's scoliosis condition. I don't have a blog, I just lurk around looking at others :).

Jenn said...

Hi Cindy!
Ah, yes. I get it now. I was passing along a prayer request. No, I am not from that area. :)

I pray that your daughter will not have to go through surgery. Let me know how she progresses.

My daughter is doing so well today! She had a point today where she had zero pain. So That was so encouraging!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Keep in touch!